Next day my intention was to go to Antofagasta de la Sierra that I knew there were 279kms of dirt road from Belen to Antofagasta. I started my trip alone as I had done along my trip, I had to change a tire and after 60kms I realized that the road was pretty bad and not knowing what was expecting me, I decided to go back and do my road trip by the cities (Cafayate, Catamarca, Salta, Jujuy, etc) despite of my dream of Salar de Antofalla in Catamarca. It was more than 800kms from where I was and all dirt road. Because I wanted to go all the way to Paso Sico to end up that tour in San Pedro de Atacama-Chile.


With winter so close it was late to go up to those Valleys and Salars in the north of Argentina (Catamarca and Salta). Besides that I had lost my voice for the second time due to the drastic change of weather going out from Brazil through Iquazu into Argentina, where I found the famous “Surasos” (Artic’s wind). 
In Mendoza, Argentina, after making some reparations on my car I head to the north first to the Valley of the Moon in San Juan and also Talampaya. Then I went to Famatima, Tinogasta and Fiambala in direction of the Chilean border at San Francisco. I found a beautiful valley called Chaschuil which is the way to go to Volcan Piscis, but I was late on the road and there was too much sand on the dirt road so I decided to go back to Tinogasta.

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